Prelate Hulrun Shappok

Long-lived lord of Kenabres


Prelate Hulrun Shappok is the aging leader of all inquisitors in Mendev, and the ruler of the northern city of Kenabres. He is second in power in Mendev only to Queen Galfrey.
In his youth, Hulrun was violently zealous in his quest to eradicate demonic taint in Mendev. Indeed, it is believed that his ruthless execution of several dozen ‘witches’ sparked the Third Medevian Crusade in 4665 AR. Certainly, these witch burnings encouraged others to join the inquisitions.
When he was granted the title of Prelate in 4682 AR, Hulrun was forced to temper his obsession, although it has only been in the last few years that he has truly begun to understand the shame his inquisitions have brought to the faith of Iomedae.
Despite this, Hulrun has repeatedly proven himself a fine commander and strategically brilliant.


Prelate Hulrun Shappok

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