Wrath of the Righteous

Below the Fall of Kenabres

The Unforeseen Uplanders

The three humanoids crept along quietly through the darkened tunnels. The one with a single horn raised his hand in a gesture to halt further movement. The two trailing him, a female so disfigured she could only hoot to communicate and the other sporting serpentine features, stopped. They waited and sniffed the air. The serpentine male stuck his tongue out as if tasting the air, flicking it several times.

The leader pointed to Crel, the snake featured male, and directed him to explore a small tunnel. Lann and Dyra would wait for his exploration to be complete before they moved on. Crel moved into the tunnel and again tasted the air with his tongue. He tilted his head from side to side as if doglike. Turned to Lann, the leader, and his eyes got wide in panic. 

Suddenly the caverns began to shake violently. The ceiling was dropping small stones on them. Lann instinctively shoved Dyra to the ground and he covered her up with his body. The tremors increased their intensity and small stones became large rocks. Should one strike Lann that would be his end.

With his charge hooting nervously, Lann didn't move and used his weight to insure Dyra didn't move either. She wiggled trying to get to free from Lann's protection and to a safer place. Lann shouted into her ear just above the rumble from the earthquake to stay still. Eventually she stopped moving.

The cave was filled with the dust from recent cave in. Lann felt for Dyra and tapped her shoulder. Her movement told him she still lived. Luck be told neither was struck by a falling rock. Once the dust settled the search for Crel would begin. 

It was Dyra that found Crel's location. He was buried underneath a pile of rubble and resting on top of the pile was a boulder capable of crushing the hapless mongrelman. Crel had trouble breathing and his time was limited. There was not enough time to send one of them back to Neathholm for help. Time was running out for Crel…

It was at that time the Five had appeared. Hoping they meant no harm Lann said, "If your intentions are ill, we ask you to move on and leave us in peace. If they are good, then perhaps you can help. As you can see, misfortune has befallen us."

Dellak took some measurements and determined the best way to roll the boulder off the pile and save Crel. It took all of the Five's strength but they managed to roll the boulder off without hurting Crel further. 

Lann then decided to take the Five to Neathholm and meet his Chief Sull. 


Meirdrarel Meirdrarel

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